Therapy Dogs Calm Stressed Out Students During Final Exams

College can be quite stressful in and of itself; add on exams and life is pretty hectic. Universities are aware that students’ stress levels drastically elevate during exam periods, so they decided to do something about it. Across the country, schools are hiring therapy dogs for students to play with and hang out with to help alleviate stress. It’s sure doing the trick, leaving students calmer than when they came in!

Therapy dogs have existed for generations and generations, the most common being guide dogs who assist the blind and visually impaired. Therapy dogs are becoming more popular and more readily used, not just for the blind. Today, dogs that are trained to track and recognize seizures, and other major health issues in humans. Therapy dogs also work in hospitals and nursing homes, bringing joy and comfort to the ill during their darkest days.

Anyone who has ever owned a pet (especially a dog owner) knows just how therapeutic they are. Just a few head rubs or back scratches and all your cares in the world have suddenly diminished. These fluffy creatures are miracle workers, and kids, teens, college students, adults and the elderly all agree.

Back in the day when I attended college, I remember reading on a flyer that there would be a dog petting session in the student union during exam week, and I was overjoyed. I was truly missing my family pup back home, and I knew this would be sure to brighten my day. The event ended up reaching so many students that they had to extend it for another 3 days so that everyone could get their chance with a pooch.

I remember friends of mine mentioning that after a long day studying in the library, this had really brightened their day. There truly is nothing better than petting a big fluffy pup when you’re stressed out, and that was certainly true for my peers and I. Let’s bring this trend of pups to universities during exams to every campus across the country…who’s with me?!


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