7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Being Afraid Of Custom Writing Services And Start Living Like A Normal Student

My acquaintance with writing services began in my second year of college. Yours can start even earlier if you’re a little bit smarter than I was.

“Why are students afraid of outside help?” is more of a rhetorical question. Teachers and universities nourish a frightening image of the unoriginal, incompetent, and illiterate custom-made papers. And here we summon our rationality to contradict such accusations.

But first ‒ what are custom writing services at all, and where does this irrational fear take its roots?

Let’s share some facts with you: you can’t be an expert in everything. You’re either technical or non-technical, extrovert or introvert, reckless or mindful. Therefore, when someone wants you to get high grades both in philosophy and maths, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not being able to wear two hats (like this guy somehow managed).

At the same time, getting A+ on those subjects is what will provide you with a diploma with distinction ‒ that’s why nailing them should be your goal. And, luckily, there is always someone ready to take the yoke of your shoulders for reasonable money.

That’s basically what writing services represent. Though, when asking a professional service provider, you should also obtain a guarantee that the final work will fulfill your highest expectations, unlike some random dude your groupmate recommended to you.

Fear 1. It Will Be Poorly-Rewritten Or Full of Plagiarism
What can we say? Low-quality papers should be your expectation if you’ve decided to save some money and hire a “no name” without recommendations instead of an adequate writer. You cannot compare the quality of a Porsche to a Toyota Prius. The proof is in the pudding.

Professional writing services value their reputation more than anything else. They don’t allow themselves such a rude violation of college rules as plagiarism because they understand that a single mistake may cost them all the scarсely earned trust of their customers. Usually, even when the writer from a good agency bases the paper on some other work, its original text would be remade until showing 100% uniqueness. For those needs, the companies create their own plagiarism search instruments, like the one 99papers Thanks to this tool they have the ability to check the work before it gets to your prof.

On that basis, it would be logical to put an equal mark between the original, qualitative, competent work, and a reliable, time-tested service provider. And vice versa. Myth is busted, we keep moving.

Fear 2. The Deadlines Are Important
The presence of incompetent writers does not mean that all the papers you order from the internet will be delivered a week after your deadline.

It’s usually easy to detect a dilettante: they ask a lot of irrelevant questions, they have a terrible manner of communication, their profile includes several bad reviews from previous orders (if you’re working with freelancers).

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When working with professional agencies, you will obtain an assurance that your paper is being handled by an expert. The other non-qualified writers are not allowed to work on such sensitive orders. This is another reason to choose experienced writers over amateur ones.

Fear 3. They won’t follow your instructions
A friend of mine once asked a writer, whom she’s worked with before, to create a term paper for one of her technical subjects ‒ theory of mechanics. The final paper was absolutely perfect, from the formatting to the graphics, at least from the first glance.

But when she came to turn the paper in, the teacher compared the completed work with the task he provided her with. As it turned out, the writer simply copied some other person’s diagrams (including all their calculations), and sent it to my friend a large sum.

She was devastated because the teacher organized a commission to find out where she copied the work from.

To avoid her mistakes ‒ and an unenviable fate ‒ it is important to make sure that the final paper follows the instructions. Direct cooperation with the writer will only lead to anxiety and uncertainty. Moreover, almost all of them demand advance payments before taking the order into work.

The same goes for freelance websites: you can always leave a negative review, but would that guarantee that the next writer won’t trample on your expectations next time?

However, the situation drastically changes when you choose reputable agencies over all the competitors. Usually, when you order a paper through the website, the payment is “frozen” until you confirm that you’re accepting the final result. But even after that, you will still have a chance to return the paper and request a revision if it doesn’t meet your requirements. The revisions are free and unlimited, and reduces the chances of being fooled like my friend to almost zero.

Fear 4. Everyone Will Know
Confidentiality is always a sensitive topic for people. If you truly put a value upon your anonymity, then the only way to preserve it is to avoid publicity, and essay writing services prioritize your privacy.

To be fair, freelance platforms offer the same level of security if you’re registered under a fake name, of course. But, they still require your mobile number or even passport information to prove your identity. This increases the chances of your name appearing in the archives of the stolen data. So, be careful with websites and read their Terms & Conditions before registering.

The importance of the security of direct communication with the writer should be a given, obviously.

Fear 5. It Will Be Extremely Pricey
Such concerns are valid for some kinds of essays that require an advanced level of writer’s input, or broad research work.

When you compare different types of writing, it is obvious that custom writing is not the cheapest option. It is not a suitable option for students with a low budget and low expectations for the final result. Nevertheless, it’s important to avoid the snares of services that tempt students with cheap prices.

At the same time, freelancers provide a wide price range. You might find the aficionados and frauds of your discipline in one pool of writers. So, exercise some caution when you are searching for freelancers. Luckily, many services offer a possibility to file a complaint about the quality of the work. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to get your money back – o parts of it.

All In All
Before deciding on whom to trust with your paper, you should balance out the expectations with reality. Find a happy medium, and focus on that when you are looking for a writer to complete your paper.

In our humble opinion, custom paper writing services are hands-down winners when it comes to everything except their price. But do you really want to pay less money to an unreliable writer, who can equally present you a masterpiece or a copy-pasted Wiki article? Probably not.

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